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Engine, PSRU, and Propeller options
(...this page is still under construction, thankyou...)

Gear drive PSRU for your Titan T-51 Mustang

Neil Hintz gear drive on V6 T-51 Mustang

Autoflight are manufacturers of a comprehensive range of propeller reduction gearboxes for Subaru (Sub4) and Rotax engines, and more recently the Suzuki V6 powerplant for the Titan T-51 Mustang. The company is owned and operated by Neil Hintz and is based in Waikato, New Zealand.  Autoflight have been producing and developing gear driven PSRUs for several years now and have proven their product in many machines worldwide.  The gear drive PSRU for the T-51 Mustang is a result of the never ending search to find the right PSRU for the right engine and the gear drive is now in use on the Honda V6 Titan Mustang also, and is proving to be a good option for this application.

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