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"I have worn the helmet in a variety of vintage aircraft from Chipmunks through to Hurricanes and Spitfires.   I even wore it for a display in the T33 on one occasion when my normal jet skidlid 'went on the blink'... I have no hesitation in recommending these helmets to friends and colleagues and shall continue to do so.   Thank you Ivan and Sandy!"
-Al Walker, Aircraft Restoration Company/ Historic Flying of Duxford, U.K.

Looks, Protection, Comfort, Quality...and friendship


This is the world's first authentic hard shell leather flying helmet designed and developed for the world's discerning warbird, classic, vintage and open cockpit aviators.

As a client you receive personalised service from us.   Not just another number or another sale, we are committed to making sure you, our client are delighted with your helmet(s).   As existing clients will tell you, we like to find out about you and what your passion is.   We encourage you to stay in touch with us and tell us what you are up to and we enjoy meeting you at airshows around the world, or when you visit us at our private airfield - 'Loburn Abbey', in North Canterbury, New Zealand.  

The international aviation community has many special bonds and networks and we enjoy our involvement with so many like-minded aviators.   You will see many endorsement comments and photos of some of our wonderful clients on our Testimonial page.


Our passion is in making these helmets for today's aviator.   The people who buy these helmets share one thing in common - they are all passionate about aviation.   Some clients have spent hours, months and years restoring and building their beautiful aircraft, which are often proudly displayed and flown at the numerous airshows around the world.   Some are professional and world famous airshow pilots, whose log books are tesimony to their flying expertise, with hours flying aircraft types that most of us can only dream about.   Yet others are currently in the building phase, and the acquistion of the helmet provides a strong motivating influence to get their aircraft flying.   The one thing in common which we all share is the golden era of aviation and the memories that this time in history evokes.   We all want to relive and share a little of the adventure, nostalgia and romance of that era...
To complement the visual effect, aircraft owners and pilots are well known for the special pride they take in their own presentation, ensuring their flying outfits complement and authenticate their aircraft type.

Previously helmets had often proved a real challenge, the modern helmet looked out of keeping and the soft leather helmets afforded no protection, with problems and complaints about communciations being legendary and almost without exception.   Pilots really struggled to find the solution to their problem.   With the arrival of The Campbell Original Hard Shell Leather Flying Helmet© , the many unique needs of the aviators flying these wonderful aircraft were finally met.

Now meeting a unique market niche, these made-to-measure, handcrafted, personalised helmets are well-known in the aviation industry and are being worn on the heads by more than 800 aviators in 22 countires worldwide.  Our clients include many of the world's most well-known and leading aviators in the U.S.A., United Kingdom, France, Australia, Europe, South Africa and of course New Zealand.  We have had several clients personally thank us and attribute the Campbell Helmet to saving their lives and/or preventing serious head injury in the occasional unfortunate accidents that can quickly turn disastrous from time to time. 


We invite you to join our ever growing list of special clients who are enjoying the experience of a Campbell Aero Classics Hard Shell Leather Flying Helmet...

Stunning Classical Look, Outstanding Noise Attenuation
Superb Custom Fit Comfort, Premium Kevlar Protection
The choice of today's aviators worldwide


Keeping alive the Golden Era of Aviation


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