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Rotec Radial Engines, 7 cyl (110hp) and 9 cyl (150hp)
The perfect powerplant for your Replica or Classic aircraft...


Rotec engineering have combined reliable modern manufacturing methods and technology with WWII era design to come up with these two impressive 7 and 9 cylinder radial engines, made for the steadily growing homebuilt and experimental aircraft market.  Make your Replica or Classic aircraft look, sound, and feel the part with these very authentic looking and performance producing powerplants.

The Rotec engines are now in use over the world in a variety of aircraft, namely classic and replica warbird kitsets from Fokkers to Sopwiths.  Their reputation and reliability as a favourable choice of powerplant continues to grow as more and more take to the skies, and being the only of its kind in the world then why wouldn't you?  Constant speed propeller options are becoming available also to allow for a wider application of this stunning masterpiece.

Campbell Aviation are your sole authorised N.Z agents for the Rotec Radial R2800 (7 cyl) and R3600 (9 cyl)...come and see our display model at our homebase, 'Loburn Abbey' in North Canterbury.

Kitfox with Rotec R2800

- 7 cyl (110hp) and 9 cyl (150hp)
- Australian built quality engineering
- Ideal for kitset aircraft
- Perfect for Replica Warbirds
- The only one of its kind
- Low running and service costs!
- Constant speed prop options
- And much much more...

Rotec 7 cyl Radial Engine Specs

Rotec 9 cyl Radial Engine specs

Rotec Radial Storch upgrade at Loburn Abbey

Campbell Aviation's Storch replica with Rotec 7 cyl radial

The Campbell Aviation team are currently well into the process of upgrading a Fiesler Storch replica (Rag Wing) with a Rotec 7 cylinder radial (R2800) engine. The new engine should help improve the overall performance of the aircraft with increased horsepower and torque compared to the previous flat 4 cylinder powerplant, and undoubtedly restore the original look and shape of the Storch replica as it was designed to look.  We look forward to flight testing the aircraft this year. 

The Rotec 7 cylinder (and 9 cylinder) powerplant has proven popular with the various Storch replicas around the world.  Clearly, this is the perfect engine choice for any Replica Warbird requiring a radial engine...

Rotec Radial video and gallery

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