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Campbell Aviation FFP R-80 Tigermoth video...

Fisher Flying Products video...

R-80 Tigermoth slideshow (video)...

The four FFP R-80 Tigermoths shown below showcase the dedicated work of each owner.  The Campbell Aviation team was privelaged to be involved with the build process of these magnificent machines also:  
ZK-LAS - Suzuki 4 cyl (owned/operated by Ivan Campbell of North Canterbury)
ZK-NOX - Suzuki 4 cyl (owned/operated by Russell Warnock of North Canterbury)
ZK-LIF - Rotax 912S (owned/operated by Peter Parkinson of North Canterbury)
ZK-JAL - Suzuki 4 cyl (owned/operated by Jim Loughnan of North Canterbury)

Tigermoth/imgp771252.jpg Tigermoth/imgp74187.jpg Tigermoth/IMG72176.JPG Tigermoth/IMG72171.JPG
Tigermoth/IMG72169.JPG Tigermoth/IMG72167.JPG Tigermoth/IMG72166.JPG Tigermoth/IMG72130.JPG
Tigermoth/IMG72123.JPG Tigermoth/IMG72121.JPG Tigermoth/IMG71770.JPG Tigermoth/IMG71759.JPG
Tigermoth/IMG71758.JPG Tigermoth/IMG70746.JPG Tigermoth/10670624.JPG Tigermoth/1111.jpg

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