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Campbell Aviation Titan T-51 Mustang video...

Titan Aircraft's T-51 Mustang promotional video...

V6 Titan Mustang video...

Titan Aircraft's John Williams interview...

Titan Aircraft's You Tube channel

Titan Mustang slideshow (video)...

The following Titan Mustangs showcase the work of the Campbell Aviation team at Loburn Abbey.  To date we have helped complete four Titan Mustang builds and are half way through a fifth and sixth:
ZK-MSY - Rotax 912S (owned/operated by Ivan Campbell of Canterbury)
ZK-WWM - Rotax 914 (owned/operated by Bill McWilliam of Masterton)
ZK-MST - Suzuki V6 (owned/operated by Dave Hughes of Te Anau - sadly the aircraft was wrecked in an unfortunate gearbox failure incident but is being rebuilt by a new owner)
ZK-TLI - Suzuki V6 (owned/operated by Len Thompson of Bay of Islands, currently for sale)
ZK-YAA - Suzuki V6 (owned by Andrew Campbell)
ZK-??? - Honda V6 (owned by Greg Tetzlaff of Wellington)

Mustang/IMG22304.jpg Mustang/WWMwithdrops1.jpg Mustang/wwmwithdrops22.jpg Mustang/IMGP22759.JPG
Mustang/IMGP22743.JPG Mustang/IMGP22740.JPG Mustang/IMG2571.JPG Mustang/IMG2559.JPG
Mustang/IMG2315.JPG Mustang/Flying111.jpg Mustang/AviationNewsN7.jpg Mustang/AviationNewsN1.jpg
Mustang/AircamWOW20070025.JPG Mustang/AircamWOW20070024.JPG Mustang/AircamWOW2007023.JPG Mustang/AircamWOW20070022.JPG
Mustang/AircamWOW20070020.JPG Mustang/AircamWOW20070019.JPG Mustang/1090956.JPG Mustang/1090950.JPG
Mustang/ZK-TLI.JPG Mustang/WWM256.jpg Mustang/TLIAS2.JPG Mustang/T-51fly.jpg
Mustang/MSYfly.jpg Mustang/MSYandWWM134.jpg Mustang/IMG_2406.JPG Mustang/IMG_2403.JPG
Mustang/IMG_2391.JPG Mustang/IMG_2387.JPG Mustang/IMG_2385.JPG Mustang/IMG_2237.JPG
Mustang/IMG_2236_1.JPG Mustang/IMG_2180.JPG Mustang/IMG_2149.jpg Mustang/IMG_2127.jpg
Mustang/IMG_2126.jpg Mustang/IMG_2122.jpg Mustang/IMG_1097.JPG Mustang/IMG_1095.JPG
Mustang/IMG_0868.jpg Mustang/goodshot1.jpg Mustang/Bills1.jpg Mustang/AviationNewsNo.5.jpg
Mustang/AviationNewsNo.3.jpg Mustang/110_1001.JPG Mustang/109_0986.jpg

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