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Supermarine Aircraft videos

Supermarine Mk26 Spitfire slideshow (video)...

Shown below is a selection of New Zealand's first completed Supermarine Mk26B Spitfires ZK-SPT, ZK-CG, and a very near to completion third Chevrolet LS-2 V8 powered Spitty.

ZK-CG is owned and operated by Ivan and Sandy Campbell.  The aircraft was mostly built and painted by Ivan Campbell, and completed in early 2015.  The aircraft is powered by a Chevrolet LS-2 V8. This aircraft has undergone custom cosmetic modifications to look more authentic, including revised engine cowlings and canopy.  It has also been fitted with mock 'cannons', and other personal touches which set this aircraft in a league of it's own.  

ZK-SPT is owned and operated by Richmond Harding of Wanganui.  The aircraft was built and painted by the Campbell Aviation team at Loburn Abbey.  Engine installation and finishing details were carried out by Richmond's team in Wanganui, and completed end of 2010.  The aircraft is powered by a Chevrolet LS-2 V8.  Watch out for this show stopper! 

Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_5373_15951.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_5050_1274.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_4677_1933.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_4593_1853.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_4383_2295.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_4415_1682.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_4352_2265.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1906_8280.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1720_8105.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP9999_6051.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP9993_6043.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP9981_6033.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP9974_6026.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP9958_6016.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP8141_3914.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP8012_3790.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP8009_3787.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP7982_3761.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP7969_3932.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP7959_3922.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP3445_9593.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0938_6377.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0915_6360.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0673_6135.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0626_6302.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0593_6276.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0583_6265.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0571_6257.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0029_6078.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0027_6074.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0008_6057.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMGP0001_6050.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1884_8259.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1856_8235.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1853_8233.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1768_8149.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1739_8120.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1723_8104.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1716_8099.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1689_8071.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1675_8062.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1661_8053.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1655_8047.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1651_8043.jpg
Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1596_8332.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1586_8328.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1558_8305.jpg Spitfireupdate2017/IMG_1551_8299.jpg


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